The vulnerability of personal finances: how to train your credit

The most recommended solution

The goal is to clean up our finances, and to achieve this, the logical thing is to settle the debts . Not doing so has consequences that go beyond the economic; incurring delinquency has a negative social, labor and personal consequence, which may even affect the obtaining of resources to alleviate debts. One of the most recommended methods to deal with daily expenses, debts and, at the same time, save, are urgent online credits.

These products are designed to grant their applicants a rapid capital injection and, usually, without representing prohibitive expenses in the form of interest and fees. Its main advantage, in addition to the immediacy with which they can be managed and approved, is the convenience of being able to request them from any side and through the Internet, without displacements, queues, paperwork and delays in the procedure.

A calendar to control finances


Without personal budget planning , it is impossible to manage all economic fronts. Ideally, prepare a calendar based on the income and payments that correspond to each individual. In case of doing so, it is better to prepare it at a given year and fulfill it monthly and without missing it. Let us not forget to mention in it the origin of all income and expenses, in order to eliminate, at any given time, some of them with the peace of mind of having the numbers and decisions under control . It is important to elaborate it carefully and, once certain that it is finished, stick to it as our guide. The objective is that the expenditure figures do not exceed the income figures.

The budget is to manage it


Once the calendar is over, we must strive to respect it . Sooner or later, our budget will be subjected to a litmus test, probably represented at a significant expense. Let’s try that this affects planning as little as possible and, if it ends up doing so, we will get to work and modify it according to the new priorities. If necessary, we will eliminate sources of expendable expenses and redistribute the income.

Kenneth Carnes